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Apocalyptique, métaphysique, subversive

capturepstubbs.jpgEn ligne, le site de Paul Stubbs, dont la poésie ne se résume pas aux quelques adjectifs ci-dessus, adoptés en guise de titre.

The Icon Maker, by Paul Stubbbs (Arc Publications, 2008)

Paul Stubbs's disruptive poems definitely go off every known trodden path: fraught with paradox, saturnian-like reversals, universal questioning about death, decay, doom, cosmic and spiritual disorder, fragmentation of selves and human condition, they generate stunning images that reach heart and mind alike and that are rooted in the metaphysical but also in the concreteness of the flesh; the way the poet spontaneously subverts language triggers a constant enthusing stimulation as the recurrent synctatic ruptures produce an almost unexpected rhythmic fluidity that constantly rings true, vividly spontaneous yet cerebral and never dully trite nor mainstream at all, the least that can be said – a voice whose genuine uniqueness stands out above that of many other living poets, charged with Donnian & visionary Blakian overtones (without mentioning Yeats, Trakl, Holderlin or Milton, among others) and which, as such, will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

 (B. Longre, sept 2009)


Deathbed vision of Ungaretti

in the desert: the trinity
like a mirage of some giant

(using Adam's lost
rib as a pincer)

Writing man's last
date into the sand.

© Paul Stubbs.

Vision d’Ungaretti sur son lit de mort


dans le désert : la trinité,

pareille au mirage d’un termite



(se servant de la côte perdue

 d’Adam comme d’une tenaille)


Inscrivant la dernière date

de l’homme dans le sable.

(© traduction : B. Longre)


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