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  • I leave this at your ear...


    New collected poems de W.S. Graham (Faber)

    "The beast that lives on silence takes
    Its bite out of either side.
    It pads and sniffs between us. Now
    It comes and laps my meaning up.
    Call it over. Call it across
    This curious necessary space.
    Get off, you terrible inhabiter
    Of silence. I’ll not have it. Get
    Away to whoever it is will have you."

    Le point de vue de Harold Pinter

    Le poète en lecture (1979)

    Sur le site de Faber

    For Nessie Dunsmuir

    I leave this at your ear for when you wake,
    A creature in its abstract cage asleep.
    Your dreams blindfold you by the light they make.

    The owl called from the naked-woman tree
    As I came down by the Kyle farm to hear
    Your house silent by the speaking sea.

    I have come late but I have come before
    Later with slaked steps from stone to stone
    To hope to find you listening for the door.

    I stand in the ticking room. My dear, I take
    A moth kiss from your breath. The shore gulls cry.
    I leave this at your ear for when you wake.

    Copyright © The Estate of W.S. Graham, 2000.

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